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Created by women for women, Los Angeles based DÁDIVA SHOP is an elevated gift and lifestyle brand dedicated to the celebration of life and its special moments through the art of gifting.  As the woman blossoms from bachelorette to wife, daughter to mother, or assistant to manager, DÁDIVA SHOP aims to be alongside the goddess, helping mark the turning point with something sentimental and extraordinary.

Formed by two syllables:  da (slang for "the") and diva ("goddess" in Latin), DÁDIVA in Portuguese means gift.  Perfectly expressing what we are, DÁDIVA SHOP literally means THE GODDESS' GIFT SHOP.

Who we are is explained through the DÁDIVA SHOP logo.  It is a raspberry colored gift ribbon in the shape of a cursive D for DÁDIVA as well as an infinity sign, embodying our mantra:  a gift that keeps giving.  It also represents the endless opportunities to create lasting memories with mementos.

The creativity, depth, and expression of our gift collections make DÁDIVA SHOP unlike any other brand.  Carefully designed and hand-selected, our gifts are luxurious yet affordable, simple yet multi-dimensional, and best of all, smart and fun.  Combining the DÁDIVA SHOP collections with a user-friendly website, we offer a rewarding, not to mention unique, gift shopping experience.

Honor the gift of life with us.   Explore the world of DÁDIVA SHOP today and leave more gifted than you came.

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