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Just Some of Our Artists...

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Artists Tell Their Stories

Ayda Santourian

Ayda Santourian was born in 1970 in Syria. Ayda is married and has 3 daughters Arpi, Shogher and Lila. She has been working as a teacher for 12 years when moved to Armenia with her family due to the war.

She is a Marash's Embroidery leader, not only has a variety of embroidery skills, but also studied and mastered herself in carpentry assortments and miniature painting. In 2013 Ayda took part in “Business organization” training organized by AUA and found her own company in Armenia named “ARIKA” which is specialized in National Marash embroidery assortments.She inheritted her knowledge from her grandmother and now wants to introduce the balanced mixture of old traditions with modern present to the world. Currently, Ayda is the Vice President of Syrian Armenian Union and a WEPEC member. She is actively working on engaging other Syrian Armenian women in here business to create new jobs and newly introduce Armenian traditions.


Houri Eyejian

Born in 1963, Houri is embroidering since her childhood. She masters at Urfa, Van, Svaz, Tigranakert, Dantel, Broton, Lase. For more than 30 years she has been working as an embroider creating wonderful pieces of art in her own hands. She loves to add her own style to the works which spices Armenian traditional patterns with a new breath.


Mariam Krikorian

Mariam left for Armenia in 2012 after working as an embroider for 21 years in Halep. She studied Engineering and is married. She has 3 daughters who all study at the Medical university in Armenia to follow their fathers path to become a doctor. Currently her husband is the only employed family member. She took part in various exhibitions and expos in terms of embroidering where she found her passion in this field.


Maral Shohmelian

Maral was born in 1961 in Halep, Syria. She was born and educated in Ayntab. Maral is married and has 3 small children. Because of the war, Maral and her family returned to Armenia 3 years ago. On the occasion of a new beginning in the capital city of Armenia she got the chance to do what is more she enjoys most – embroidering. Previously, she embroidered for her local church back in Syria. You can find her beautiful art works in the Art Center after Hovh. Sharambian. Her most popular art piece is named “Existence Alphabet”. She is also actively engaged in biggest exhibitions and expos taking place in Armenia bringing her new spirit to Armenian national traditional embroidering.


Lena Jenanian

Lena lived in Haleb for many years when she moved to Armenia in 2015. She was born in 1985 and started embroidering since she was 15. She is married and has 2 small kids. She has been working in Yerevan in the field for more than 2 years now by taking part in many traditional and cultural events and inspiring public with her works.

Luba Libarikian

Luba Libarikian is a Belarusian-American designer based in New York City. She dedicates herself to the art of hand embroidery, creating unique, one-of-kind pieces to delight and inspire children of all ages. Luba, along with her Armenian-descent husband, have supported Armenian education programs throughout the world and continue to be actively involved in the Armenian community in New York City, in an effort to preserve the Armenian language and culture.

Karenn Chutjian Presti

Karenn Chutjian Presti is on the faculty of the Herb Alpert School of Music at UCLA, where she teaches Armenian music and serves on the voice faculty as a pianist teaching song interpretation and lyric diction of German, Italian, French, Spanish, and English to singers. Dr. Presti created "My First Armenian Songbook" to support the learning of Western Armenian, to provide a bridge between Armenian and American culture, and to expose children to high-quality instrumental and vocal music. See sample pages and hear recordings at

Vahe Karapetyan

Vahe Karapetyan was born in 1980 in Erevan City, Armenia, in a rich environment that inspired his unique style of jewelry-making. His mother ensured that art and culture were a daily part of life, and his surroundings in Armenia were full of detail and beautiful embellishments. Even today, fueled by Armenia’s nearly 3,000 year-old jewelry design legacy, he recalls the motifs from his childhood in his designs – from churches to park doors, even the garden doors on his grandparent’s home. Combining the aesthetics of “East meets West,” he has created his own special “twisted” metal style that’s distinct and instantly recognizable. See samples of his work at 

Anet Abnous 

Anet Abnous is a Los Angeles-based Armenian artist whose vision is feminine beauty and empowerment. With the female figure as her muse, she creates breathtaking abstract imagery symbolizing women’s liberation.
Born and raised in Iran during the Islamic revolution of the 1970’s, Anet nurtured her passion for the arts early on. Inspired by her father’s tailoring skills, she took sewing and pattern making classes at age 16, studied fashion design at Tehran’s Zahra University, and after immigrating to the U.S., earned a Fine Arts degree from Queens College, City University of New York in 2005. 

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